Tipping Hair Stylist

Tipping hair stylist..how much? I get asked quite a bit on what is the etiquette for tipping your stylist or other Salon Personnel. Giving a tip lets them know how much you appreciate the education, time and skill it takes to make each individual look and feel great. So here is some informational tips that might help.

As with most tipping situation the amount of the tip depends on the quality of the service and how happy you are with your finished hair.

Tip the stylist 10 to 20 percent of your total bill, only if he or she is the only one who worked on your hair.

Give the person who shampoos your hair a separate gratuity. Typically, that person receives $1 to $2.

Offer a 10 percent tip in a barbershop. If you don't get your hair cut very often then you can consider a $5 tip.

A manicurist receives $1 to $3 tip.

Use common sense for everyone else, from the hair stylist to the assistant.

Keep in mind that a good tip to your colorist or hairstylist might help the next color or cut.

More Thoughts on Tipping Hair Stylist

Most often the tip is cash and slipped to the service provider separately from the bill paid to the owner or cashier. So have some smaller bills on hand. In a fancy salon, you can add the tip to the bill and let them know how to split it.

Tradition dictates that one does not tip a salon's owner, who may charge more for his or her services and therefore will refuse a tip. But these days, more and more owners are accepting tips. The best solution? Consult the receptionist to find out whether the owner accept tips.

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