7 Ways To Get Sexy Hair Styles

Here are seven things to do to get sexy hair styles for today! From relaxed hair, to curls to buns. You will want different styles for different moods and occasions.

Extra spirals. If your hair is not relaxed or naturally straight, just blow it out first, then curl one-inch sections with a curling iron. Remember...the smaller the barrel on the curling iron the tighter the curl you will get. For a looser curl use a curling iron with a large barrel.

Try skipping hairspray. Hairspray stops the movement of your hair. It is better for your curls to end up a little looser and free than to be too perfect. If your outfit is simple then your hair can be more wild and sexy.

Pull your hair half way up for an elegant look. Pulling half of your hair up and letting the back hang down with soft curls is a very beautiful hair style. Gently tease your hair at your crown to get more volume and then clip it back.

Sleek and straight. When wearing your hair sleek and straight your hair will last longer if you sleep on a silk pillowcase. This will allow you to keep your style for a least a week.

Sleek and Straight: Another way to get a sleek and straight hair is to get a Brazilian Blow out. The Brazilian Blow out helps to straighten your hair making if feel silky and soft. It will give your hair shine and help with the frizzy ends. Ask me about doing a Brazilian Blowout for you.

An easy updo. Pulling your hair up and allowing soft curls to fall will give you a super sexy and elegant look. This easy style can be managed by putting a clip or twist in the back of your hair.

Relaxed day. Wearing your hair down with soft curls and allowing it to flow free is never out of style.

Bun with a bang. Make your ponytail low and do not pull the hair all the way through, this creates a soft bun. Pull your bangs to the side with a soft sweep, creating a bun with a bang. Spray shine on your hair to create healthy hair.

One Last Sexy Hair Style...The French Twist

Another easy up do would be to try using bobby pens to hold the hair in place. When your hair is curled it is easy to grab a curl and put a bobby pen in it to hold the curl in place. The good news is that there is no wrong way to do a up do. Try looking up French twist to give you some ideas. This is a great start.

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