Permed Hair Styles

Permed hair styles are very cute and easy to maintain. Here we are going to describe the different kinds of perms, styles of perms and how to take care of permed hair.

If your hair is dragging you down or you need a little extra volume in your hair, then a perm might be what you need. So many of us make the mistake of wearing hairstyles that are out dated or no longer work for ourselves.

A new permed hair-style might be what you need, plus it can take years off your appearance. Before you decide which perm style you need, here are some tips to consider. There are five different kinds of perms to think about. Body perms, root perm, pain perm, stacked perm and the spiral perm.

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is, is my hair healthy enough for a perm? You can test this by taking a few strands of your hair out and put them into a glass of water to see if they float. If the hair floats, this means your hair is healthy.

Second, understand the shape of your face. Pull your hair back into a ponytail and determine the shape of your face. Stand in front of a mirror and examine the shape of your face.

Pictures Of Permed Hair Styles

Types Of Hair Perms

Body perm are just that. The body perm gives you volume, body and movement. A square shape face works well with this type of perm.

Root perm adds lift and volume only to the root area. It gives height and fullness. Root perms are ideal for short hair. The heart shaped face works well with this perm.

Pain curl perm gives soft, natural waves which are achieved by perming small sections of the hair that have been pinned into pre-formed curls. The pain curl perm works great with any shape face.

Stacked perm is great for one-length haircuts, it gives curl and volume. Depending on the thickness of the rod used, you can achieve a tight curl or a lose curl.

Spiral perm creates a romantic curl by winding the hair around special curler. This will create your hair to look fuller and much thicker. The spiral perm works great on oval-shaped faces.

New Hair Perm Tips

After a perm it is best to wait three days before washing you hair, this will make the curl last longer. Do not blow dry and curl your hair after the perm. This will relax the perm sooner. Do not perm over bleached hair, unless the perm is designed for bleached or colored hair. Otherwise this can cause breakage and damage your hair. Do not use conditioner after a perm, this will also cause you to lose your curl faster. And last but not least, after a perm, it is best to let your hair dry naturally. This will keep it from frizzing.

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