Mens Hair Coloring

I love cutting and coloring men's hair just as much as cutting and coloring women's hair!

Let's take a moment and talk about mens hair coloring. For many men turning gray reminds them that their youth is behind them. Their self confidence may be effected by the color of their hair. On some men a full head of gray hair is very distinguished. However, many men have turned to coloring their own hair. But beware, coloring your own hair it can lead to a color you may not want.

Having a stylist or a professional colorist is a good idea. He or she will be able to find the right natural color for you. Men Color Camo from Redken is a perfect product which produces excellent hair coloring for men that a stylist can apply. In a salon the service should take about 10 minutes. The new color fades over time which helps with the out growth not being so visible.

Depending on the stylist, getting your hair colored can get expensive. However, the end result is well worth the cost when your happy with the end result.

Home treatments are hard to do at home. It is better to have a professional color you hair to ensure a more natural color. However, if you decide to use color over the counter, please make sure it is a product for men.

Just for Men is a product for men only is a great mens hair coloring kit and is pretty easy to apply. Make sure you don't get it on you skin, because it can stain. Some of our clients use this product and are happy with the end results.

Some mens hair dyes can also be applied to a beard, goat tee, or side burns. Coloring these areas will make your hair color look more natural.

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