The Medium Length Hair Cuts

Many of the medium length hair cuts are easy blow dry styles. Layered options are great for boosting the body. Sassy shags are on the rise again, remember Golden Hawn? Chopping the hair unevenly throughout the perimeter will lighten up this great look.

A forehead fringe will hide any fine lines on the forehead and take five years off of your face. Below the chin line and just past the shoulders are wonderful cuts for any working woman. Wash and go!

For a round facial shape, heavy bangs and side fringe make this a look ideal for anyone. Sections are sliced unevenly on the sides, graduated the shoulder-length hair, pulling it further back. This creates length in the front.

This cut will add volume with the hair dryer and a round brush. Remember the smaller the barrel on the brush the tighter the curl. And the tighter the curl, the longer it will hold. Another look for the women on the go, are soft curls. Having your ends curl is easy to achieve, especially if your hair has been layered. The curls will give you a soft look when shaped around the face.

This sophisticated look is ideal if you have thick hair. Lots of layering will give fullness when hair is blown-out with a large brush. For a tighter curl use a smaller barrel brush, iron, or hot curlers.

Another great look is the asymmetrical look. This look is perfect for summer. Slightly tousled, lifted crown, uneven side part and tapered bottom, this mid-laying look radiates style. The asymmetrical look is where the ends are cut at an angle which will lighten up the heaviness in the exterior line leaving the hair to flow as you go.

Mid-lengths full and sexy are right if you want plenty of volume and movement, but don't want to spend

hours styling. Feathery layers will give you both body and dimension.

Many actress such as Felicity Huffman, Kate Walsh and many others have medium length hair. Subtle layers will help to build volume or age defying ideas.

For the medium cut style just keep in mind that you can go straight, curly or put it up. If you like the straight look and you get tired of straightening your hair daily, you can always get the Brazilian Blow out. This product is great on color, texture and makes your hair feel great. It also helps with dead ends.

When you want to go curly, using any iron will help with giving you volume. Make sure you use a product such as a root booster to help get your hair the volume you need. When curling your hair you can always put it up and leave a few soft curls down. This is a great style when you're going out for the evening.

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