How To Apply Bare Minerals Makeup

We want to share with you how to apply bare minerals makeup. These great crushed minerals are so adjustable that they allow you to have anywhere from light to full coverage without any cakey buildup on your face. The minerals are so lightweight that you don't even feel like you are wearing makeup.

First, start by sprinkling the smallest amount the foundation in the lid (a little bareMinerals makeup will go a long way). Using the Flawless Application Face Brush, swirl the bareMinerals in the lid and tap off the excess so that no bareMinerals are visibly sitting on top of the brush. Swirl a small amount of the bare minerals in the lid with your brush. Do this until all of the bare minerals are tucked into the bristles of your brush.

Next, tap your brush on the sides of the lid. This will allow the excess bare minerals to fall away from your brush. Your brush will look empty, but the bare minerals are tucked into the bristles of the makeup brush.

Then, take your brush and make circular motions on your skin. Start on the outside of your face, near your cheekbone. Swirl the brush as you work around your face. Work your way to the cheeks, forehead and your nose. Buff in a circular motion until you are happy with the coverage. And remember that less is always more!

If you have a blemish that you want covered up, just take a small amount of foundation and put it into your lid. With a small brush swirl a small amount of makeup onto your brush. Lightly tap the excess makeup off your brush and lightly tap the blemish until it is evenly covered.

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