Hairstyle For Balding Men

Are your looking for a hairstyle for balding men? Thinning or balding. A lot of men (and some women) worry about hair loss. Some of the reasons for hair loss can be hereditary, stress or for some women hormone change. Some guys just lose it all over the top of their head, where some guys just lose their hair just on top or in the back. However, going bald doesn't

007 ~ Sean Connery

mean it is the end of the world. A lot of women find men who are bald very sexy, just look at .007! Some of Hollywood most sexiest men are balding.

Hair Cuts For Balding Men

There are great haircuts for men who are loosing their hair. The shorter cuts work the best. These include a buzz cut, a butch cut, a crew cut or the shaggy cut. All of these cuts can work for most men.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a good way to hide the bald spot on top. Keeping your hair extremely short all over help to create evenness all over your head.

The butch cut is a cut that is short on the sides yet it is a little bit longer on the top. This kind of haircut will create a look of fullness.

Butch Cut

Crew Cut

crew cut is a short cut that blends the thinning hair with the shorter hair, making your hair look fuller.

Depending where the balding is taking place on your head, ask your stylist which hair cut would look best on you.

Balding Treatments

Today there are different products out on the market to help you in what is often a difficult time for men. There are products to help you get your hair back if you are balding.

One of my client uses X Fusion to hide his hair loss. X Fusion comes in different colors so that you can match your exact hair color. This product also works for women who are dealing with the loss of their hair.

Another product to help slow down the hair loss is called Nioxin. Nioxin has a shampoo and conditioner which helps to stimulate the scalp. Nioxin Diamax is another new approach to help those who are dealing with thinning hair.

Nioxin has a scalp treatment duo to choose from. Starting at System 1 to System 4. System 1 is for a little hair loss, where as System 4 is for more than unusual hair loss.

Nioxin has a kit which includes a cleanser, scalp therapy and scalp treatment. The kit that includes the cleanser, scalp therapy and scalp treatment is a System 1 through System 6 kit.

The advanced skin care of Nioxin liter duos has the cleanser and scalp therapy which also starts at System 1 and goes to System 6.

If the above products get your hair growing again, then you will be back to looking for the best hairstyle for balding men :)

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