Hair Styles For Curly Hair

There are a lot of hair styles for curly hair! Curls can work for short, medium and long hair. From naturally curly hair to permed hair, there are many excellent choices.

What does Taylor Swift, Marley Shelton and Christina Hendricks have in common? They have naturally curly hair! To keep those curls from becoming frizzy, here are some great suggestion to try:

Never use a brush, especially when your hair is dry, this will cause frizz. Use a thick wide comb.

For getting out tangles, always start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up the hair strand.
If you start at the top of your hair and comb down, you will have more tangles to deal with. Starting at the top of a tangle causes more tangles. And this way of combing the hair is what causes split-ends. When you are combing out tangles you will have less tangles at the bottom of your hair.

When your hair is wet this is when you apply product. Depending on the weather, the amount of product you use will help keep your hair more manageable.

A small frizz free pomade or style stick is great to carry around in case of emergency. Just apply a small amount in the palm of your hands, gently rubbing your hands together before softly applying in your hair, gently squeeze your curls and release.

Whatever the type of hair you have, you can find options galore. Make sure your stylist specialize in curly hair. Stylist can show you the best way to style those curls, and show you what products will work well with your type of hair.

If you want more bounce in your curls, have your stylist cut and layer. This will give your hair more lift and volume.

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