Hair Cuts For Long Hair

Here we want to share the best hair cuts for long hair. Choose from easy styles that work with your natural texture. Layered looks that hide forehead lines are very stylish today.

Long layers have been around for a long time just the name has changed. In the 60's it was called the shag look. In the 70's it was the feathered look now it is called the one length long layers look. They may be called different names, however, the meaning is still the same. Lots of layers.

When layering, you always want at the start on the top. This is considered the shortest layer on top of your head. The longest layer is the last layer on the bottom.

Things To Keep In Mind When Getting Hair Cuts For Long Hair

In between is what your stylist will cut talking out the bulk that is between the top layer and the bottom layer of your hair. This will make your hair lay soft against your head, letting the hair fall as if it were being tousled about. You want the look to be soft and manageable.

If you have thick hair you will want your stylist to take out the bulk and thinning your hair to make your hair to flow with it's natural growth. This will make your hair look fuller and more manageable.

If your hair is fine and thin, then layering your hair too short will give the appearance that you do not have a lot of hair. You will want long layers for this type of hair. The longer the layers, the fuller your hair will look.


Soft or bold, long or short, that is the question. Which style of bangs will look stunning on you? There are different type of bangs. There is the blunt-cut bang, strong fringe or the short bangs.

If you want to look younger, the shorter the bang the younger you can look. And when you are looking at hair cuts for long hair, you can consider bangs.

Soft long bangs are styled for smoothness and shine, contrasting with the all over choppy layers. This look is soft yet sexy. Swooping, full bangs that cover the entire forehead pull the look together.

Cropped bangs that hit mid-forehead makes a bold statement with the bob cut. To soften the look, your stylist can fringe the ends of the bangs to give a softer look.

Long, straight bangs can be cut to fit your face also giving a bold look. The classic conservative look of polished long strands get an unexpected twist

with bangs that veil the eyes. Look through hairstyle magazine to get an idea of what style you are looking for. Look at the actresses to see how they are wearing their hair, and remember to look at their age to make sure you are picking the age appropriate hair cut for you.

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