Hair Coloring Advice

Here is some great hair coloring advice from Sherri at Bella Capellis Salon. If you are having your hair colored at a professional salon or you just need some home hair coloring tips, we are here for you! We will start with helping you understand coloring hair first.

Hair Coloring Highlighting

Winter usually means putting in a darker hair color or adding low lights. What is the difference between highlights and low lights? Highlights are used to lighten the hair with high lift color or bleach. Low lights are used to darken the hair, adding depth.

There are four basic color types when planning to do your hair color. Permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and temporary. Good hair coloring advice would be to tell you to know which you want of these want and let your hair stylist know your choice.

Permanent color uses ammonia and peroxide and can either lift or deepen the color. Permanent color will last until your hair grows out and you can see roots.

Semi-permanent color contains no ammonia or peroxide and can only darken your hair color. Semi-permanent gradually washes out. The color washes out after six to twelve shampoos.

Demi-permanent color is designed to last up to twenty-four washings. It does not contain peroxide and will not lighten your natural hair color. However, you can go darker using demi-permanent.

Hair Coloring Advice & Pictures

Think about changing your hair color. Consider what type of color will be easiest to achieve, based on your current shade and your hair type.

If you are thinking of adding highlights and low lights, be sure your stylist uses a warm color.

Going from dark to light is a difficult process because dark shades have so much pigment, which means the end result can end up with a brassy look. If your hair is blonde it is easier to do because your hair has the least amount of pigment.

Damage can incur during color processes. This will depend on your hair type. Fine and curly types of hair will break more easily.

To keep your hair in great condition and keep your color fresh the following is my hair coloring advice.

Shampoo less

Wait at least two days before shampooing after coloring your hair

Make sure your shampoo has no sulfates in it

There are four basic hair colors that are popular. Brunette, Red, Blonde and Highlights.

Hair Coloring For Brunette

To achieve the perfect brunette, some stylists suggest having golden highlights weaved on top of a light but warm base. Carmel color is often used with highlights which will give contrast. To add depth, your stylist can also add a darker color than your natural color. He or She can also apply the darker color to the roots or at the nape area. This will allow you to stay in the brunette family without the commitment of all over hair color.

Red Hair Coloring

Heat things up with intense red hair color. Red adds vibrant effect to any look. There are different colors to the red family. Depending on skin tone having red can enhance the richness in your hair. Redish-violet, Copper to Cherry Chocolate with a dark base is very becoming. Red popping through will make it look as though the sun has kissed your head. Copper base with golden highlights brighten things up around the face. When winter comes, adding browns makes it look warmer. Good hair coloring advice is to remember that Reds fade fast so make sure your shampoo is for vibrant colors, this will make the color last longer.

Blonde Hair Coloring

Summer usually means lightening up your hair. You can either put an all over color or have your stylist put in highlights. Weaved or sliced. The difference between the two are as follows: weaved means taking a thin or thick slice of hair and pulling out a certain amount of hair to be lightened. This will make your highlights look more natural and soft. Slicing on the other hand is taking a slice of hair thin or thick and putting the bleach or high lift on that section, making it pop, giving a more dramatic look.

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