Formal Hair Updos

If you are looking for formal hair updos...look no further! We have styles for weddings, proms, long, short and curly hair. Pictures with details instructions to give you the perfect look!

Wedding Hair Updos And Prom Hair Updos

Are you classy, sassy or mild? Depending on what affair you are attending will determine the updo style you will want. The number one rule for any event is you have got to look sexy!

The questions I would ask if you were sitting in my chair are:

What is the event that you are attending?

What does your dress look like? Tell me the color, is it scooped neck or straight across the bust?

Do you want all of your hair up or some left down?

Do you want clips or flowers in your hair?

Do you have a picture of the style you would like to do?

With these factors in mind, I will be able to create the look to make you feel beautiful, sexy and comfortable with one of the right formal hair updos.

If you are not sure what style would look good on you remember to ask yourself, "what is the shape of my face and will that particular style fit with what I am wearing?" Once you answer that question, half of the battle is over!

Formal hair updos will allow you to have either your hair pulled up on both sides leaving the back of the hair down flowing with a soft curl. This is a very classy look with sophistication.

Pulling all of your hair up is another way to look classy. If you are putting pins in your updo make sure that they are the same color as your hair. Nothing looks worse than when you can see the black hairpins showing on Blonde hair.

Make sure you or your stylist uses a strong holding hairspray. This will make the curl last longer through the night.

Formal Hair Updos That Are Sassy

Sassy can be very sexy! Big loose curls just flowing can be sassy. You will want your hair to be flexible, yet hold the curl for the night. To achieve this:

Use a big curling iron. Just make sure you spray hairspray on the strip of hair before curling, this will help hold the curl in place. Leave your hair in curls until you are ready for the event and before you put on your dress.

Slightly run your fingers thru your hair, breaking the curls up, this will soften the sassy look you are looking for.

Spray again after you have run your fingers through the hair. This will hold the new curls in place.

Mild Updo

Part your hair on the opposite side from which it naturally falls, when you do this you will create fullness. You can also add a zigzag part and pull the hair back and pin. This will give you a sleeker look. You can also pull your hair back with no part at all, this will give you a clean, tight look.

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