Different Hairstyles For Men

My son, Matthew

My son, Joe

There are many different hairstyles for men to choose from these days. Having a great haircut is essential. But how do you communicate what you want when you visit your stylist? I suggest that you take a photograph of the hairstyle that you want. This will help the stylist achieve the look that you are shooting for.

When it comes to having a modern hairstyle for a man, there are several basic looks for you to chose from. There is the conventional to medium length or just let you hair grow long.

A favorite client of mine, John.

Classic Cut

First up is the Classic Cut. The short haircut is called the classic cut. This makes the hair and the person neat. It gives a very decent and formal look.

There is also the Buzz Cut.

This is achieved when the stylist takes the clippers to cut the hair to the length all over your head. The number of guards start at 1/2 inch and go to 8 1/2 inches. The 1/2 inch will give you the shortest cut and 8 1/2 inch will give you the longest of cuts.

Buzz Cut

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I cut the hair of both of my sons and my husband!

Among the different hairstyles for men, the crew cut is very popular.

The crew cut can be considered the shortest of haircuts (other than shaving you hair off and this is quite vogue now days). The crew cut exposes the ears and the shape of the head is revealed. Therefore, it is advisable for men who choose a crew cut hairstyle to have small ears and a symmetrically round head to pull the look off. An oval shaped face has the best look for this type of haircut.

Medium hairstyles for men is the most desired these days.

Longer hair gives a messy look like you just got out of bed. Johnny Depp is a good example. This cut and style is great if you like to skate, surf or cycle.

You may be looking for long hairstyles for men. First of all, if you are trying to let your hair grow then make sure you trim it every six weeks on the dot. A persons hair grows one inch a month, so when you go to your stylist make sure she or he takes off 1/4 inch. If you do this, your hair will grow. By letting your stylist take off the dead ends your hair will stop splitting and breaking.

I did this to one of my clients whose hair would not grow past his chin. He is a Harley Rider so he wanted long hair. So we set up appointments every six weeks to take off 1/4 inch. Now his hair is in the middle of his back, thick and healthy. He got the results he wanted in about seven months.

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