Just For Fresno And Clovis Weddings

I am here for the brides who are having Fresno or Clovis weddings. This is a salon where you can have your hair and makeup done in a private setting. No men and no other customers to watch you get ready.

If you are from a Mid-Eastern country and you need a certain criteria, then Bella Capellis is the place for you. Planning a wedding can be difficult especially if you are from another country. Trying to find that special stylist that can work around your tradition can be limited. The bride needs her privacy, with no other patrons in the salon.

Here at Bella Capellis this is what you can expect. My Salon is a one person salon with no male stylist. So if you are worried about a male seeing your hair, it will not happen here. No one other that the stylist will be with the bride helping her with her makeup and hair.

I love working with all brides. I understand that a mid-eastern bride needs to look fresh with clean makeup. Picking colors as crisp and easy as pinks and purples and keeping your makeup light and breezy.

For those who are having a local Clovis wedding, I have some tips to make our session together go really well.

The first thing to do is to meet with me a week before your wedding. If you have pictures to show me what you want, please bring them. You have heard of the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Well, it is true!

For the mid eastern bride, I have tips that will help you with your makeup.

Your Face: When you arrive at your appointment make sure that your hair is clean as well as your face. Wash your face with a moisturizer. For spring and summer use a light weight moisturizer.

Your Cheeks: Make sure you choose a blush that adds a natural flush of color with a hint of shimmer for a glow. A golden pink shade will look great on almost any skin tone. With the blush on your brush, sweep over the apples of your cheeks and lightly across your forehead. By using a little darker shade of the blush, apply this along the hollow of your cheeks moving toward the temple to gently contour your cheek bones.

Your Eyes: Use a concealer to hide any dark circles. Once the concealer has set in, use a translucent powder to set the concealer. Apply a warm peach pink shade all over the lid. Follow with a darker purple along the outer corner of the eye, and the crease then blend the two shades together. Apply a soft light pink under the eye brow. Use a black liner above and below the eyelid. This gives a more dramatic look. If you use the eyeliner under your eye, make sure to smear the line, this look makes a soft statement. If you want your eyes to appear larger, than use the eyeliner outside of your eye. You can finish off your look with false eyelashes or black mascara.

Your Lips: Use a nude or soft pink with a darker lip liner. Apply high lip gloss to give your lips fullness and a glamorous shine.

Hair: Let's apply a shine to your hair that will give your hair a healthy look.

Brides, proms, formals...we girls all have our reasons to get ready in a private space. There are times when we don't want men to see us get ready and we don't want other women watching, lurking or giving us their opinions. Here at Bella Capellis, you will have all the privacy that you need to get ready for your special occasion or Clovis wedding.

I am here for the brides who are having Fresno or Clovis weddings, I look forward to helping you get ready for your special day! Bella Capellis is located near Old Town Clovis.

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