Best Hair Brushes

There are many different types of hair brushes. But the best hair brushes are the Technique Thermal Brushes. Here at Bella Capellis Salon, I use the Thermal Brush 390 which is a 2 inch round brush. I love this brush! I have used many brushes over the years, but this hair brush leads the way.

Benefits of the Cricket Technique Thermal Hair Brush

It features ionic bristles that infuse moisture into the hair shaft and scalp.

It has heat resistant and static free bristles that will eliminate fly away hair and utilize antimicrobial protection against the growth of bacteria.

It has a hair sectioning pick that is conveniently stored in the base of the suede like gripe handle.

When looking to get the best hair brushes, know what size of barrel that you want your brush to have. The smaller the brush barrel, the tighter the curl. The Technique Thermal Brush has eight brush sizes to chose from.

The smallest barrel (#300) has a 3/4 inch barrel. The largest barrel (#450) has a 3 1/4 inch barrel. The suede grip handle is great, especially when your hands are wet or slippery. The suede grip is perfect, especially if you want to straighten out curly hair. The suede grip is what helps to perfect your hair creation.

Another best hair brush pick of mine is the paddle brush made by Visage. Choose from a sculpting brush, paddle brush or the cushioned vent brush. Each brush is designed to create different things, such as curl, volume or straightening.

Best Combs

The Sildkombs are great for combing out tangles. When removing tangles, always start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up. Never start at the top, this will only create more tangles and heartache for you or your loved ones.

Combs work great for back combing hair. It creates volume and height. If you want to create more volume and more height, start at the crown of the head. Make three small one inch sections in a roll. (Like a mohawk) Then make one inch parts and back comb ONLY the one inch from the root and spray with hairspray.

Now, on the side of your head pull up the side of the Mohawk part, begin backcombing and don't forget to spray the roots with hairspray, this is what will hold the hair in place. Now, for the professionals secret, never, never use a brush to smooth or comb it out (this would take out all of your hard work).

Gently with your fingers, begin to smooth out this section of hair. This will take some practice, but you will get it. Pull apart and lifting at the same time, either making your hair as high as you want or as low as you want. Which ever you prefer. I call this my slutty look! Have fun with this, try it on a friend.

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