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Bella Capellis Hair Salon, Issue #002 --Summer Hair Cuts
June 12, 2014

Well, summer is here! Are you ready for a new look? I know that with winter behind me I was ready for a different look.

I went in to see my son Joey for that new look. I had been looking for a new style for a year, but I was afraid of cutting all my hair off. I looked through many different kinds of magazines and found the look that I wanted. When Joey was finished, I felt like a new women!

Here is a picture of Joey and I.

So take a look around on the internet or in magazines and come on in and see me. It's easy to bring me a picture (or show me a picture on your phone) of shorter summer hairstyle that you like. I look forward to seeing you and giving you a fresh haircut here at Bella Capelli's in Clovis.

Sherri Post
Owner/Stylist of Bella Capellis Hair Salon
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